Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello 2016

The holidays!  Whew!  It's the best and most stressful time of the year.  I cherish the time we get to remember and reflect on the love of our Savior coming to rescue us. I must say, when things begin to wind down I breathe I sigh of relief.

As we prepare to receive 2016,
I can't help but wonder . . . There is so much to look forward to, so much to worry about, so much promise, so much uncertainty.

Two years ago I heard about choosing one word that would be a personal reminder, encouragement, direction for the fresh new year.  

In 2014 my word was "position".  Being prepared helps make the right time and the right place happen.  Positioning ourselves for open doors is key to stepping over the threshold.  (A work in progress.)

In 2015 I chose the word "release".  Family members were moving, co-workers were leaving, I'm not a fan of change.  (Also a work in progress.)

~ When yesterday's problems remain,
~ When the answer is "no",
~ When dreams fade,
~ When change seems impossible,
~ When unwelcome circumstances are real,
~ When obstacles block our way,
~ When the person in the mirror is "me?"
~ When hope faints,
~When . . .

"Re-joice" will be a reminder of the living and powerful JOY available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Its batteries don't die and its power can lift any and all circumstances.  It is not conditional, dependent, or temporary.

It's strength when our emotional and physical strength is bankrupt.
It's peace in the midst of uncertainty.
It breaks through loneliness and fear..
It clears confusion.
It stands true within the onslaught of information.
It's mine.

It's nourishment for my soul,
Gasoline for my spirit,
Light for my emotions,
The reason why I sing.  And, as the old chorus goes, "The world didn't give it to me, and the world can't take it away."

In 2016 may the Lord remind me to intentionally remain in JOY.

* Remembering, Christ is risen and I am His.
* Knowing that weapons formed against me won't prosper.
* Believing He redeems my circumstances.
* Resting in Him in and through all situations.
*Celebrating something new each and every day.

and come, let us 

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