Thursday, December 24, 2015

All For You

This year I noticed Christmas cheer in the stores as early as July.
It seems as if we're celebrating Christmas sooner than ever.  
By the time it arrives, we're almost ready to move on.

However, the core Reason for the season never moves on.  
It's when we remember a loving God who sent his only Son to our world to rescue us.  
My favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice".  At the end of the movie Mr. Darcy walks down the meadow towards Elizabeth to make amends for his aunt's rudeness. Elizabeth meets him, this time without pride or prejudice.  
She apologetically replies, "It is I who must make amends." 
Mr. Darcy's response is my favorite line in the entire movie, 

"You must know - it was all for you."

As we come to Christ this Christmas
recognizing how much He has done,
how far He would go,
how much He would give . . .
I could just hear His sweet and loving reply,

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