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If you've been following my blog, you know that I found a new love,

In 2016, I stumbled upon this amazing, creative method that combines art with personal devotions and instantly I knew it was something
I had to jump right into.

I invited some friends to join this adventure with me and we now have a monthly "Bible Journaling Night" where we hang out, break bread together,
create and color in our Bibles.

This venture has truly been a God-send for me.  It has not only been fun,
but also a source of personal, creative and spiritual growth.

I'm no pro, by any sense of the word.  I'm still learning and exploring.
However, on occasion I prepare some things for my Bible Journaling Night.

Feel free to GRAB any items below if you think you'll find them useful.


Bible Journaling Log/Tracker

I created this log/tracker for May's Bible Journaling Night.
Here we can track which verses we journaled and when.
And, it's easily kept in a DIY pocket on the inside cover of our Bible.
I printed the log/trackers on heavy white card stock.
They're durable and look lovely.
I can't wait to share them with my group.

Feel free to grab your own copy here.
(You'll need a google account.)

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