Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Finding Rest

Just the mention of the word brings relief.

~ Worry
~ Fear
~ People pleasing
~ Whining
~ Unforgiveness
~ Insecurity
~ Doubt
~ Procrastination
~ Multi upon multi~ tasking
~ Stubborness
~ Control

~ Hope
~ Faith
~ Forgiveness
~ Confidence
~ Organization
~ Flexibility
~ Saying "no" sometimes
~ Self-respect
~ Gratitude
~ Joy
~ Simplicity
~ ______________ (Add your own)

It had been a long day. The disciples and the Master were on their way to other side of the lake after ministering to the crowds, the sick, the possessed.  Jesus was tired and he fell asleep.  While He rested, a furious storm broke out where the waves were tempting to swallow the boat.  The disciples panicked,  they were convinced they were going to drown.  So, they did what we all would've done, go find Jesus.  So, they began to look for him.  But, where was He?  Jesus?  Sometimes when we're in the middle of life's storms all we can see are the giant waves threatening to take us out.  Although Jesus is right there, we can't see Him.

When they finally found him,  they realized He was asleep. 
We're all "gonna" die and Jesus is, sleeping!?!?

Didn't He know?  Didn't He feel the brutal waves?
The disciples anxiously interrupt the Master's rest 
to beg him to do something.  

 Jesus awakes and comments, "Oh, ye of little faith."  

He calmly rebuked the winds and the waves, and instantly the waters were at peace.  

We don't have to wait for the storm's passing to experience His rest.
Jesus was demonstrating this very truth.  Let's trust that He is in control of the winds and the waves, He will not allow them to swallow our boat, or us.  

Abraham rested in God's word as he left Ur to an unknown destination. 

Moses rested in God's faithfulness as he faced the Red Sea before him, 
and the enemy's army  behind him. 

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego rested in their faith in God 
as they were led to the fiery furnace. 

Joshua rested in the Lord's guidance as he marched around Jericho. 

David rested in the Lord's protection as he took on Goliath, 
and later escaped from Saul. 

Esther rested in the Lord's favor as she confronted King Xerxes, 
and Haman. 

Mary rested in the Lord's promise as she faced the hardships 
her unique calling would require.

And, likewise, we can rest in the Lord as we face our individual journeys.

The word for us today is, "Rest!" 
When we find Jesus, we have found the fountain of rest.  

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that with Jesus we can rest in the storms. Inspiring post! Just visiting with coffee from Holley's blog :)

  2. Damarise, thank you for introducing yourself today and visiting my corner. I'm so encouraged to by your space here. You are light. Thank you for these reminders. And mm, Psalm 116:7..I'll be tucking this one into my heart all week. So good.

  3. Those are great lists! I just wish I always remembered them!


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