Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chasing Crowns

Nine years ago we celebrated our daughter's Quinceañera.  I can still remember the preparations and details.  It was almost like planning a wedding.  We had to secure a hall, a caterer, invitations, decorations, a court, the dance, the dress, the shoes, the hair,
the make-up, and the CROWN.

In the traditional Quince ceremony, the birthday girl walks down the aisle with her beautiful gown, all made-up, surrounded by her court. The crown is lovingly, proudfully and admiringly placed on her head by her parents, signifying she is a daughter of God.  A Princess.

Our daughter had been dreaming of her Quince since she was 12. All her friends, family and anyone else who wanted to be there would be there.
Hence, her crown had to be spectacular.

Choosing bigger-than-life crowns certainly does run in our family.  My cousin wore one at her wedding shower.  So beautiful, the crown and the person.  

Crowns, obviously, symbolize royalty, however, they also imply accomplishment, glory, honor, position, status, winning, success, and all other highest of levels.

Have you ever had an opportunity to wear a crown? Maybe at a birthday, wedding, contest or even a graduation? Whatever the ocassion, if you've ever worn one, even if just for fun, then you certainly know what it feels like. Everyone's eyes are on you.  

Realistically speaking, most days we don't get to wear crowns. 
We just go about our very busy lives, doing what we do best, and count on recovering enough strength to do it all again the next day.  

Interestingly, sometimes, we find ourselves needing one.  Not the one that is worn on the top of our head, the one everyone sees, rather the one we wear inside our hearts where no one sees.

The ones that imply:


We don't always want to believe these crowns are necessary,
and frankly, most of the time they're not.  Seldom do we perform for the crown.  We do what we do for the glory of God, to help others and our families.  And, even if our obligations are difficult, we enjoy them.  It's in our DNA to work hard, to create, to solve problems, to help, to do our best.

Then, out of nowhere comes that one thing, that one task, event, or time, when the "crown" becomes more important than we'd like it to be.

Maybe it's because we didn't really want to accept the challenge,
yet we did and we came through.  Did anyone notice?

How about when someone else received a "crown" for expending much less effort? Did anyone notice?

 Maybe it's because the task has become increasingly rigorous; our confidence, energy and passion is exhausted. We need consideration, to be strengthened.
Is anyone noticing?

Whatever is the case, without wanting or realizing,
we may find ourselves up to our knees in the chase.

If you're in this place right now, I have great news . . . !

You've already been crowned.

Our Lord notices when no one else does.

Our Lord is watching and acknowledging you
when everyone else is too busy.

He sees what you do, what you've done, and He is pleased
with your obedience and effort.

The crown He gives is far more real, meaningful, and eternal,
given only by Him, customed designed with your name on it.
No one else can wear it but you.
It's His reward for your faithfulness.

"Did you know that in a race, all runners run, 
but only one gets the prize. Everyone who competes in the games 
goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last. 
But we do it to get a crown that will last forever."

When we feel a little disheartened because the "crown-givers" passed us by once again,  let us be encouraged, "We have Him!" And, oh my, what a prize!

Just like my husband placed the crown on his daughter nine years ago symbolizing that she was his princess, our God has a crown for you that signifies you are His.  Chase over.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today.  
for more inspiration and encouragement.


  1. What a beautiful occasion for your family, Damarise ... thank you for sharing the anticipation, the joy!

    And yes, some sweet day we'll be laying our crowns at His feet. Wow. Talk about anticipation and joy!


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