Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Looking for Answers

Uncertainties.  This is what makes our futures a little nerve-wracking.
We can certainly try to deal with the present the best way we can, we have to. We can reluctantly accept the past because we can't go back.

We attempt, however, to control the future, as if we can. 
If we do the right thing, are proactive, leave no corner unturned, then the future will be ok. Right?!?!

If only it were that simple.  The problem lies in what we cannot see and cannot control, the surprises, the unknowns, the unrevealed.

I remember a song from years ago called, "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden".  Do you remember that song?  God never promised anyone a trouble-free life.  I learned a long time ago, that God's blessing doesn't give me a free ticket out of trouble.  Growing requires change.  Change rarely comes easy.  

What God absolutely promised, however, was that we would not have to face anything alone. We have His presence and His Spirit readily available, just a call away.  He also promised that He would turn what may have been meant for evil or to hurt into something that can help and restore. I don't think this process always feels good, but in the end we can experience His redemption.

Answers, sometimes, seem hidden, difficult to find.

Trouble can either do two things.  It can either bring us closer to God, or farther away from Him.  If we choose the latter, which provoked by disappointment, may be what we feel like doing, we draw away from the answer and deeper into ourselves.  The problem with this choice is that we don't have all the answers. We may think we do sometimes, but do we?  Only God sees what is hidden. Only He understands what we do not, and moves in ways we cannot.  It would behoove us to stay connected to One who not only has an answer, but is the Answer.   

Troubles teach us lessons we normally would not learn otherwise.

Think of the little kid who is fascinated with the stove his mom uses to prepare his meals.  Mom keeps reminding him to stay away, it's hot.  And, what happens? The more the mom exhorts her child to stay clear of harm's way, the more her child is drawn to harm's way.  And, lo and behold, you know the end of the story.

We have the potential to be like this child.  Our mentors exhort, counsel, try to show us what is best, but we "know better".  So, we make our own choices, we go against the grain, we travel up stream. All good traits, but at times we fail to remember the warnings.  That's when we stumble upon trouble. Then, trouble must teach us what our mentors were trying to communicate all along.

What are the answers?

1)  Know that difficult times come to everyone, they're unescapable.
2)  Stay connected to the Answer.  
3) Seek and listen for wise counsel.

Let's rest in the knowledge that we are in Good Hands.  

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