Friday, August 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday ~ "Find"

It's a little late in the day.

Today's word is "FIND".

Should I or shouldn't I write?  

I should.

Today I couldn't find



or peace.

When all three seemed completely invisible,
the Lord sent me three light-bearers.

One poor thing came looking for someone else,
but found me.  She turned on the first light.

Shortly after, a phone call, 
from my mom, 
helped me see the second light.

Then, the custodian, filled with God, lit the entire room.

Before I knew it, I had found what I could not see.

Real, overwhelming, and unavoidable givens had obscured my vision.

But, circumstances are not greater than light.  

My peace wasn't lost, afterall.

When the light turned on, I found it, 
it was right where I had left it.

(Link ~ Kate Montaug's "Five Minute Friday".)

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