Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Shoes

There's nothing better than old, broken-into, comfy shoes.  Oh, don't get me wrong I love new shoes just like the next gal.  I have a closet filled with what I think are lovely shoes, but my - gotta have them's - are not my go-to's. I love my familiar, foot-printed flip-flops and my aging, but faithful, Reeboks. 

Love, love, love my comfort zone. Once I find it, I'm down for the count.  

Lately, however, I'm finding myself walking in stiff, new shoes.  If you've read my New Year's post,  then you know I'm now traveling as an empty nester.  These new shoes have provoked a re-examination and re-identification of my role as "mom".  Although, these shoes have by far been one of the most uncomfortable, I'm told that once they're broken in, I'm going to love them!  

I'm also wearing my new "fifties" shoes.  Wow, that number just sounds like a lot, doesn't it?  Along with that number comes other changes, physical . . .,  and physical . . . , and emotional, and did I mention physical?!. Nevertheless, with my new attitude of celebrating something every day, I'm thankful. A little discomfort lingers, but I've decided not to complain.  Wearing them proudly.  
(Hmm, hmm)

If you've been listening to the education buzz lately, teaching and learning has certainly done a "fruit basket turnover"!  Everything is different, what we teach, how we teach, how we assess - major shifts. Many of my colleagues have relocated to other states, others have transitioned onto other endeavors, and still others have taken early retirement.  After years of teaching, those of us who've remained are having to start all over again.  In many ways I feel like a beginning teacher.  

In the midst of changing shoes, I've learned a few things.

First, new shoes don't remain new forever. Eventually, they too, get broken into and become all too familiar. After a few wears, new shoes become necessary.  Times change, kids age, people move on. Shoes get worn.  It isn't healthy for us to keep looking back and reminiscing about how amazing the past was and how unpromising the future looks.  Comfort zones feel good, but take us no where. The Word describes a God of new things, always moving forward, providing us with opportunities to grow. Saying yes to His plan is always in our best interest. I've also learned that embracing the changes requires a little courage, a little tension, and willingness, a little releasing, a little trusting, and risk.  At the end of the day, the last thing we want is to remain in the same place just because we resisted walking in new shoes. 

So, here's to new shoes.
I'm ready to wear them.

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