Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Coffee Spills

These are my weekday ratings from least to greatest:

Saturday is my favorite day for obvious reasons.  
Thursday comes closely in second place; one more sleep and it's Friday.  
The anticipation is almost more thrilling than the real thing. 
Sunday mornings are delightful, however the evenings, well, you know.  
(Except, of course, when we have a three day weekend it moves up to first place.)  
Tuesday is fifth because I guess there's no other place for it.  
Wednesday is sixth, no explanations needed.

If I didn't know better, I'd think Mondays were a conspiracy. Why?
Inevitably, every Monday, my coffee spills,
. . . literally.

Sometimes as I'm preparing my work Thermos,
or at the first quick lane change on my drive there,
while I'm rolling my backpack on wheels from the car to my classroom, 
I may hit a rock or a crack on the walk,
here we go again!
And, the absolute worse,
while turning on my computer and finding my way around the desk ~ :(

It's as if my coffee is telling me it's not crazy about Mondays either.

I wonder if there is any truth to self-fulfilling prophecy?

Recently, I assigned a journal assignment to my students.  After a while, I directed the students to file their journals inside their binders.  A reminder followed, unfinished school work is homework.  One student complained and said, "Mrs. Reyes, how am I supposed to finish this assignment at home when I never bring my binder home." 

"Huh?  Hmm? What?"

Another student wrote the wrong word on a quiz.  
During our post quiz review, he realized he had written the wrong answer for one of the questions. He proceeded to correct me, "Mrs. Reyes, the right word is not the one you said, it's the one I wrote." 

Occasionally, we wish requirements would be tailored around our convenience.

I'm sure there are different triggers for different personalities. These are a few of mine.
However, whatever the triggers, there's no denying they can
sometimes cause unrealistic expectations.
When they unsurprisingly don't realize, well,
we may begin the blame game or just crank out.  

If I can't alter the task,
or ignore my obligations,
then, it's imperative that
I change my attitude.

This will be the only way to redeem Mondays.

No time like the present.

I thank you Lord for Mondays.

Every gift from that comes from You is good,
even Mondays ~ No, especially Mondays!

Help me not to focus on what Mondays represent in my comfortable existence,
rather, remind me of how Mondays enrich me in my purposeful one.

Mondays provide opportunities

. . . for Ministry
I get to begin a new week of blessing children with the gift of literacy,
I get to shine the light of Jesus in the marketplace.

. . . for Work
I get to have a place where I can use the gifts you've given me,
I get to do something that will bring returns to help my family.

. . . for Loving
I get another opportunity to forgive,
to make things right, to be kind, to encourage others that are thirsty.

. . . for Worship
I get another week where I can honor You and draw closer,
another opportunity to say Your name,
and to drink from Your presence.

. . . for Growing
I get to learn and to apply the lessons You're teaching me.
Each lesson molds an shapes me into the woman You want me to be
and the one I hope to be.

Remind me of the immeasurable gifts . . .

. . . that are available for my use every day of the week,
on Mondays especially.

Hop on over to Holley Gerth: Coffee for Your Heart
to find more encouragement.


  1. Damarise,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and I have enjoyed my visit here! I love how you've turned your day around by being grateful for all the opportunities God brings your way -- love that! And how amazing that you get to influence the next generation. Nice to meet you, friend! :)

    1. So happy you stopped by, as well!! :) Thank you for leaving an encouraging nugget, means the world to me. GB :)


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