Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Empty Nest

I knew this day was coming.  I was "ready" and even some days, anticipating it.  Then, "why so downcast oh my soul?"  A friend hit the nail on the door when she described, "So much of our lives are invested in our children."  Those words resonated in me.  I'll have to re-define my role as a mom, re-structure what I do and how I do it.  It's time to allow my kids to solve their own problems and do life without mom and dad lurking in their inner circles.  

As King David encouraged himself in the caves, I've been asking the Lord to help me do the same.  When I become unglued, I hear a still, soft, and love-filled voice whisper, "Trust me . . ."
These words are carrying me through.  

The lesson I've learned through this season is, even good, necessary and God things can be painful.   Growth requires discomfort.  So, as I transition into this new phase, I will allow my children, their dad and I to embrace a "new thing".  Even through my tears, may my soul say, "Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord."  Psalm 31:34 

Dear Heavenly Father,

May Your goodness and mercy follow our children always,

Strengthen their spirit and their resolve in Your joy.

May Your love, power and a sound mind overcome every fear or anxiety.

Allow Your plan and Your design to be their desire.

Bless them with open doors and divine favor.

Enable them to bring others to know You.

Protect their compassionate and a generous heart.

Ignite in them a passion for the things You are passionate about.

Teach them Your voice so they may hear and follow it.

Bless the fruit of their labor.

Provide godly friendships and relationships.

Provide godly teachers, mentors and pastors that will love them, disciple them and demonstrate godly living.

May Your Spirit be their guide when they don't know what to do.

May they be thankful in, through and for everything You have provided.

Bring to their minds lovely and praiseworthy thoughts, thoughts of good report and truth.

Provide shelter when the storms come.

Provide for their every need.

May they know and believe that they are loved.

And, may they call home to say hi to mom, and dad.

~With all our love and confidence in You~


I may not know what heaviness you may be carrying today, but God does.  And, I pray you will be able to hear His still, soft and love-filled voice whispering, "Trust me . . ."

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