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The Lord of Hosts

  God is the commander in chief.  

  It wasn't the fighting skills of Joshua's army or their incredible strength that brought down the thick, surrounding walls of Jericho, it was their obedience and autentic hearts of worship towards the Lord of Hosts.  Joshua and his men were committed to do whatever the commander required.  God's plan was like nothing they've ever seen, but they didn't question it, they carried it out. Likewise, as we obey His lead and maintain a worshipful stance, we also will see the strong, thick walls around our hearts come down.  This will allow His promises and purposes to become 
a reality in our lives. 
Enclosing Walls

Sometimes the wall is fear.  
We panic and allow to be overcome by the uncertainty of situations and the threat of the worst happening. However, knowing Christ, and trusting in Him, is our rest during these times.  Whatever chaos is brewing on the outside should not steal the peace that He has given us on the inside.  He has overcome so that we might have peace knowing that He's gone before us and has won.  Fear doesn't come from Him, so let's not allow it to lead us.  

This is why my life verse is Phillippians 4:6-7. He tells me not to be overcome with my worries and anxieties.  With prayer, petitions and praises, all I need is to bring my troubles to Him.  And, Shalom, a peace that is unexplainable, but so amazing, will lead me and guide me and keep me during the storm.  

Sometimes the wall is disappointment.
It comes from unmet expectations.  Our visions, plans, ideas sometimes take on a different form than the way we thought they would.  If we're not careful we could dwell in the "if only. . ." realm and allow our hearts to live in the past.  God doesn't want us to live in this place.  He says in Psalm 30:11 our mourning will be turned to dancing and fill our hearts with gladness.  Let's make a decision, no more looking back.  No more wishing for things that God didn't allow in our lives anyway.  If He is our commander, then let's allow Him to lead.  

Sometimes the wall is self-preservation.
We hold so tightly onto what we know, what we see, what we think.  We protect that which is common and comfortable.  Change is way too difficult and unlikely.  This is a very thick wall because in our strength we have failed.  In the past we've tried to surrender control, but it feels way too weird and uncomfortable, sometimes even painful.  So, we take our control back.  This keeps us hidden inside ourselves, keeping us from all that He has to offer to us and through us.  May the Lord of Hosts break down this wall and encourage us to give Him the reigns to form us into what He has intended all along. 

Jehovah Tsebaioth, the Lord of Hosts, commander in chief, will break down the walls surrounding our freedom when and if we let go of our grip.  

"The Lord of Hosts is with us.  The God of Jacob is our refuge." 

Psalm 46:11

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