Sunday, February 9, 2014

El Elyon

Creator and Possessor of All Things

I know what it's like to create something.  
I own the idea, I plan the process, I go for it.  And, when it's done, whether it's the most ingenius product or not, I love it because I created it.  I love creating things.  I'm not a professional inventor or anything similar, but the little things I do put together bring me joy.  I think God put that little element inside me.  When I can think of an idea and bring it to reality, it sparks a feeling that is hard to name.  It's just almost healing.  When I'm in a blue mood, the Lord reminds me to go make something, organize something, plan something, do something.  

I can only imagine the joy God must have over His creation.  
Just the thought of "us" is His joy.  His purpose for us to have the same joy.  Just think, we are His creation.  We become amazed at the inventions of earthly personalities.  And, we admire and sometimes even worship what they have created with their own hands and intellect.  
How much more should we be amazed at His creation?  We are His.  
We belong to Him. 

In those moments when we sometimes feel less than we ought, 
more human than others, frustrated that we have once again made another faux pas.  Let's remember Jehova El Elyon created us and we still, and will always, belong to Him.   

We are not perfect, by design.  
Our imperfections are in us for a divine purpose.  His strength and power is activated when we mess up.   2 Corinthians 12:9  Paul prayed several times for the Lord to remove his "thorn in the flesh".  We are not told what Paul's "thorn" was.  I think this was a good thing, it's important that we all understand that we all have different "thorns".  And, the strengths that come naturally to one person, another may struggle with, and vice-versa.  God wants us to know that whatever our "thorns" may be, His strength will be more than enough.  His presence in our lives is strong enough to help us forgive ourselves, forgive others, move on.  Forget what is behind and press forward towards all that His has purposed for our lives.  His strength helps us keep moving when we want to quit.  It gives us the power to keep loving, believing, 
hoping, and creating.  

El Elyon, the creator and possessor of all things,  
He designed us, made us and we are His.    

"For You formed my inward parts.  You covered me in my mother's womb.  I will praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

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