Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Opportunity Crosses

Everyone has their crosses to bear and their opportunities to to grow from.

Our crosses are ever before us; shouting, screaming, demanding our attention.  We wake up in the morning and they are there, just waiting for us to pick them up.  When we make an intentional attempt to let them go, sometimes they don't completely disappear.  Rather, they wait around. because at some point we may pick them up again.

In the same way,  each day comes with a new opportunity.  Some opportunities are as simple as a choice to be grateful for something or to be a blessing to someone.  Opportunities are not always as obvious as our crosses are, but rather gentle and a little mysterious.  They do not force themselves on us, instead they nudge quietly at our hearts.  Sometimes we need to listen intently to even hear the knock.

Interestingly, sometimes opportunities come with crosses.

The Israelites were given the opportunity to conquer land, a land that would be blessed and prosperous, but it did not come without its giants.  When we see the blessings of others, more often than not, we have no idea the struggles and pain they encountered in order to finally realize their dream.

May the Lord help us to be grateful for both the open doors and the challenges ordained for us. As we embrace our journeys, may our vision turn from wishing and regretting to joy.   A joy founded in knowing that He is working in our lives to fulfill a plan much greater than our own minds can imagine.  Every cross and every blessing is sculpting us to become more like Christ, and to radiate the beauty of our Lord through our own individual triumphs.

"There's far more to this live than just trusting in Christ.  There's also suffering for him.  And the suffering is as much a gift as the trusting."
Philippians 1:27-30  (The Message)

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