Sunday, October 6, 2013

Totally Inspired

I had a lovely weekend.  I went to a Women's Retreat with my sister's church, Lighthouse International, Port St. Lucie.  Her women's group and women's groups from several churches affiliated with her section, met at a camp in Lakewales, Florida to just love on Jesus!  Wow!  We had a blast!  The title of the retreat was called, "Inspired" or "Inspiradas" in Spanish.  I wish we could do the retreat all over again so that I can be inspired all over again.
Here are some of the "inspirations" I took away with me...

Totally Inspired to... a woman that walks in my God-given freedom to influence my home and community towards His purpose, direction and plan.

.... acknowledge those excuses that may limit my freedom to do what God has called and empowered me to do.

...remember Abigail, a woman of humility, wisdom and action.  When it looked like her entire household would be destroyed, she stepped out, without excuses, with freedom, courage and hard work, to influence and reverse the impending destruction.  (1 Samuel 25)

...find joy in knowing Jesus Christ rather than limiting my joy to people, tasks, ideas and/or things, as wonderful as they may be. Even when circumstances vary from amazing to adverse, my joy source will come in knowing that He is my Savior
and is in relationship with me.

...make changes in our homes, jobs and communities where change is needed, using the tools He has given to us, our God-given personalities and skills.

... remember the daughters of Zelophedad, who changed the law of land ownership by having the boldness to rally together and ask Moses to consider what had never been considered before in their culture, women receiving an inheritance from their Father.  They were determined and resolved to ask God for big things, to believe in big dreams, that would not only transform their lives and culture, but the lives of all women.  (Numbers 27)

...appreciate and own the woman God has intended for us to be, not wishing for another life, but embracing such a precious gift.

...forgive myself and others completely and wholeheartedly.  Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to freedom, growth and unlimited joy.

... allow God to use our stories for His glory and honor rather than living in the past; moving forward!

Totally Inspired!

(Notes and Take-aways from the "Inspired" Women's Retreat, October 4, 2013 at Masterpiece Gardens, given by the Women's Ministry of Section 4, Speakers:  Pastor Marisol Lugo, Maritza Pagan, Pastor Elizabeth Caez, Janet Perez Eckles)

Further Study on 1 Samuel 25 (Abigail's Story) and Numbers 27 (The Daughters of Zelephehad)

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