Friday, June 16, 2017

DIY Washi Holder

I love art journaling, and faith journaling, and faith planning, all of it, 
but it can certainly eat into the rainy day bank. 

One supply I've wanted to purchase is the giant ring to hold washi tape.  I've seen them on Instagram and they look super cool.  However, not only haven't I found one, but I'd also rather save my pennies for acrylic stamps.  (I think I might be a stamp addict, just ask Mr. Class In Session.)

So, it came to me, you know, the light bulb shining over my head...  
"A hanger might work!" 

So, this is what I did and it took all but 2 minutes and $0.00.

I "borrowed" a hanger from my husband's closet.  You know, the one that has two hooks that hold a cardboard tube. I don't use them, but he likes them.  
(Go figure-) 

I removed the little cardboard tube.

As you can see, the two hooks are pretty sturdy and hook easily together.

Then, I just threaded the washi through the hanger sides...,  and "voila"! 

It easily hangs on knobs or hooks.

I even made one for my ribbon spools.

I may spray paint the hanger to match my office at a later time.  
For now, they are working fine and it didn't cost me a cent!  

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