Thursday, January 5, 2017

P-R-A-Y in 2017

Prayer is a struggle.

Not the drive through prayer,
or the 911 "I Need This Right Now" kind.  
These happen almost instinctively.

Or the "Pity Party Prayer",
(no description necessary). . .

Or, my favorite, and almost intuitive kind,
"The Instructional Manual",
where we tell God what He needs to do!
(Hmm, Hmm)

No, I'm talking about the "Daily Deap" kind!!
I'm talking about "deap" conversations with God.

The kind where He speaks and I listen!

The kind where His presence and His Word
cleans the atmosphere and attitudes.

The kind where there's a sweet and easy transfer of power.
My will diminishes; His takes center stage,
mending , transforming and renewing.

The kind where His Word builds a dwelling place in the core of me, removing all the dross, clutter and debris left behind by disappointments, failures and regrets . . .  

. . . replacing those places with joy, peace and His presence.  
Hope is restored, and LOVE is sealed.  

And, when I rise, I am no longer the same person who knelt.   

"DEAP' prayer requires two things that are almost impossible to muster up these days:  time and intention.

In spite of the struggle, in this new year, it is my hope that the Spirit of the Lord enable me to find more time for the "deap" kind.

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