Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Great Adventure ~ Part I

It's mid July - a slow, quiet, coffee sipping, reflective kind of morning.  Thinking about how this summer will be unforgettable on so many levels. Memories and thoughts of both domestic and worldwide sadness weigh on my heart.  My continued and fervent prayers go out to families who have lost loved ones.

On a personal note, I've experienced a very unlikely, unplanned, yet serendipitous summer.

My plans included the same as summers past: preparing for the coming school year, doctor appointments and cleaning, lots of that.  We had one excursion to New York City in the makes, but concrete details had not been set.

Have you ever had a season where the wind of God just takes you on a
a great adventure?

It all started the last day of school, June 5th, I believe.  My bible journaling buddies and I were sitting in a friend's backyard overlooking a gorgeous lake glittering under the sunset, sipping sparkling lemonade and enjoying spinach and mushroom flatbread.  We were all breathing a sigh, thankful for Fridays, great friends, and a moment.

That's when one my girlfriends mentioned, "I'm looking for someone to accompany me on a road trip to Waco, Texas. I leave on Monday morning." She would be transporting her dogs to her daughter who studies at Baylor University.  Waco?  The home of the Magnolia Store?  Ok, that sounds too good to be true,
of course it is!  I'm not spontaneous by any sense of the word. I had things to do, obligations to take care of, and plans, lots of plans. And, what about my hair?  My clothes? Traveling Supplies?  I can't just pack a bag and go . . .  IMPOSSIBLE!
(Smile, Smile)  It was too good to pass up.
For the first time in a very long time, I jumped
"into the lion's pit on a snowy day!"

We drove all day Monday and stopped in New Orleans to get some zzzz's.  Before hitting the road on Tuesday morning, we stopped at Cafe DuMonde for some beignets and coffee.  We took advantage and enjoyed some of the historic district.

Arriving in Waco on Tuesday, we quickly drove by the Silos.  Wednesday morning, we dropped by again to fully experience it.  Lots of people were visiting from all over the United States.  The Magnolia Store is precious.  
My take-away: a vintage journal, a dream journal, and pens, of course.  
We were slightly disappointed the Magnolia Bakery was not open yet.  

The Silos

I'm a Dr. Pepper enthusiast.  We're all cutting down on sugar these days and consuming healthier choices, so I don't drink it as much.  However, it was a real treat to visit the museum in Waco.  
Planes and I are typically not friendly.  For me, planes are taken when driving is not an option.  However, I just had to take advantage and hop on one to go hug my kids.  And, so I did.

All throughout some communities in the L.A. area, perhaps throughout California, not sure, they have Little Free Libraries.  Readers borrow books and also donate books. So, so cute!
I also visited "The Last Bookstore", an experience for all book lovers!   
It's sort of a store, mall, and museum all in one.  I absolutely loved their secret vault with vintage books.  My returning suitcase was almost un-carry-able; I couldn't resist!

After spending a week loving on my kids, 
I came home to find out my adventure was not over.  
Come back again to see pics from the second half of my adventure.  
 Lessons Learned:

1) This summer's spontaneity provided some much appreciated sparkle.
2) "I can't" sometimes limits, "I can" sometimes brings adventure.
3) Giving oneself permission to go is good for the soul.

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  1. This sounds so fun. Love the photos. Way to let go and allow yourself the freedom for adventure. Sounds like a treat. I have seen a cute freebie library like that. Adorable!'


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