Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hope Rises


This is not your every-week-come-and-go sabbath.

On this sabbath, we remember.

We remember Good Friday, which wasn’t so good, but necessary.  
And, we remember that Sunday is only a day away.


An unjust death, out of love.

That death belonged to me.
I deserved that death.

I’m the one who sins.
I’m the one who is inconsistent with my worship.
I’m the one who is selfish.
I’m the one who caters to my flesh and leaves my spirit waiting.

It’s me.
I’m the one who should have hung on a cross.

I’m Peter.
Peter loved the master, but was driven by fear of pain and death.
Not just physical death, but social death, or any other kind.

I’m Peter
The one who denied Christ after having spent the last 3 years 
as one of his closest friends.

I’m Peter. 
The one who feels overwhelmingly guilty for being so, so, human.

But Jesus!

Jesus’ love is like a tsunami over the shores of my small heart.

The place where land meets water.
The place where love meets man.
The place where Jesus meets me.

The wave washes over me.
Covers me.
Cleans me.
Changes me.
Empowers me.

So now I’m changing, just like Peter changed.
No longer scared, intimidated, and confused~
Rather empowered to tell the world about Christ!

I may not be a missionary to remote islands and distant, 
unknown villages.
I may not be a philanthropist that sends money to 
a variety of charities and causes.
I may not be a preacher who daily meets the needs of the church.

Who am I?

Where do I reach the world?

I reach the world in my classroom
on Sparrow Drive.

“His eye is on the ‘sparrow’ and I know He’s watching me.”

In my little classroom, well not so little, 
(I have one of the biggest classrooms in the building)
the world comes to me.

Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Europe, 
the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, Asia

And, although I cannot directly tell them about Jesus, 
I can show them Jesus every day.

And, I pray that not only will I be able to impart the gift of literacy, 
but the gift of love, mercy and discipline.

I know there are other voices that desire our endorsements,
but my prayer is that I would be able to sow a seed of truth,
so that everyone I pour into will hear the Voice!  

So on this Saturday.
As we wait for Sunday,
As we hope for things to resurrect,
As we hold on to the promise that He will rise in our lives 
and therefore we will rise, as well,

I remember and I am grateful.
I remember and I am repentant.
I remember and I am humbled.
I remember and I am overwhelmed.

That, Yes, Jesus Loves Me.

May the hope that we have in Christ be alive in you today.  
Regardless of what circumstances dictate, the truth of Christ remains.  
He promised that He will rise in 3 days, and He did.  
You can count on His promises.
 He will not leave you, He will not forsake you, 
He will be with you always, 
and His ways are good even when we don't understand.  
So take heart, He has overcome so that you can, too!  
Allow His love to wash over you and rest in that truth.  
He loves you.  

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