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Kindness ~ Inside Out (Part II)

Our core-beliefs about who we are and what we are made of have a huge impact on what we think and how we respond.  

It would be in our best interest to begin believing what the One
who created us says about us.

"Whoever touches you, touches the apple of His eye."  Zecahriah 2:8

I am loved by God and I choose to believe it.
I am accepted by Him and I choose to embrace that truth.
He has called me His "special possession".
I no longer need from others what God has already given me.
I am chosen, forgiven, adored and called,
not because I am perfect,
because I am His.

He knows my frame and loves me anyway.

"Very truly I tell you, it is not Moses who gives you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven."  John 6:32

Yes, we can sharpen our pencil.
Yes, we can deepen our craft.
Yes, we can learn the tools of the trade.
And, we should.

However, at the end of the day, our gifts come from Him, not ourselves.

There are two ends of the spectrum.
People who think they can never be good enough
and those who believe no one is better than they are.  

Either extreme is caused by mistaken thinking.

To address the former, 
if we believe our gifts come from God,
then why are we keeping them hidden?

His gifts are not

~ the "put-in-a-drawer" kind, 
~ the "I'll never use this, but I'll just keep it tucked away so as not to 
offend the giver" kind
~ unnecessary 
~ exchangeable 
~ or even optional.

His gifts are reciprocal.  
As we use our gifts, God's kingdom is glorified and we are blessed beyond measure.
His gifts are invaluable.
They don't lose it's value once opened, 
rather increases value with obedient and honorable use.  
His gifts are meant for sharing, not hoarding.
God's gift are tailored to our specific measurements, 
designed individually for His specific plan.  
His gifts are eternal, underserved, yet graciously distributed.

When I was a student, preparing to be a teacher, I didn't have the faintest idea of whom I'd be teaching.  Since then I have taught hundreds of curious and uncurious minds alike, young people who were not even alive during my preparation season.

The first step is the hardest.  Let's take our gifts out from our safey drawers, nice, safe places where they won't be judged or abused because no one will know they're there. It's time to acknowledge that we have them, speak life into them, clean off layers of dust that has accumulated from lack of use.  For there are people who don't even know us who have been waiting for what we have to offer.  
                                                      For those who find themselves in the latter category, 
the same lesson applies. When our "head gets bigger than our hat" we certainly have an awkward situation. God's gifts are not for the purpose of growing our own kingdoms, egos or trophy cases, it's for the sake of lighting a world that is dark and needs Jesus.  If we can really understand that it's all about Him, rather than being better for the sake of winning . . .  If we could acknowledge our platforms are for the purpose of highlighting His, then the magnitude of our stage is irrelevant, His is the one we represent.  Let's not lose this truth as we walk through the forest of applause.  

What is the appropriate response either way?  

Let's keep in mind

~ Who created the gift
~ Who gave us the gift
~ The purpose of the gift
~ The responsibility and honor we have as 
keepers and administrators of the gift

We all have our roles in God's family.  He has given us the affirmation and the tools to accomplish them.  As we shift the way we think to less of us and more of Him, we will find our burdens lightened and our yokes released.  Comparisons will lessen because we will understand our gifts were uniquely designed for each one of us.  And, although they may take different earthly forms, they are all for the same purpose, 
to introduce Jesus to all who are willing to know Him. 

Stop by next time for Part III

I am delighted that you stopped by to visit with me and chat about lessons God has and continues to teach me.  I'm not always a fast learner, more often than not, it takes longer for me to learn some lessons than I'd like.  Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit has not given up on me.  He has endurance for the both of us, and for you, too.

My Prayer For You

Dear Father,
I don't know what my sister might be going through today, but You certainly do.
If they are well, I thank you for your faithfulness in providing for their every need.  
If they are not well, I also thank you for your faithfulness because You will come through.
Your Word says that we can trust You, and we do.
May today be a day of wonder, whether small or great, but show my friends another glimpse of Your amazing self.  

With All Our Love,
Your Daughters, and Friends.

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