Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Reward

As we struggle to meet our obligations, 
 sometimes we can unintentionally get so consumed in the enormity of our tasks that we muster up just enough energy to get by.  Something or someone that may require our full attention and effort may not be able to receive it, 
there's no time.  

So we just get things done somehow.  
Through the years we stop worrying and caring about the effects of our minimal efforts.  We don't even think about it twice, 
until we become the short end of that same stick.    
I think we've all been prey to someone's "let's get this over with" effort.  I certainly have been there.  We have so much to give, so much to share.  Our sacrifice is worth someone giving it more than a mere glance.  When our efforts are not noticed, valued, or rewarded, discouragement and burn-out begin to knock on our heart's door.  "Have my efforts been in vain?"  "Are my sacrifices even worth the time?"

Although being validated and attended to is encouraging and beneficial,  the lack of it cannot hinder the will and plan of God over our lives.   

  Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit and later sold him to Egyptians. His misfortune continued when he was unjustly accused of things he did not do and sent to jail.  He wasn't winning any popularity contests.  However, none of that impeded God's plan for his life.  Similarly, David was assigned to tend sheep, later he was unjustly hunted down by the king himself.  He was Israel's most wanted.  That also didn't interfere with God's purpose.  

If we are overlooked, or under-appreciated, or the result of someone's quick and disinterested obligation, He knows, He sees, He cares.  He will never allow their side swipe to impede His
plan for our lives.  In fact, he will use the very injustice, to show Himself faithful and sovereign.  

  What man doesn't understand or value, God will, when we are obedient to His call and our hearts are running after His.  No earthly acknowledgement can ever be greater than hearing the Lord say "well done".  

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