Saturday, April 19, 2014

Because He Lives...

I cannot express the gratitude of my heart,

For even before I knew Christ,
He died. And rose again. For me.

So now . . .

When I feel weak, He strengthens me,

And when I doubt, He reassures me.

When I fall down, He raises me,

And when I'm lost, He leads me.

When I'm confused, He is patient with me,

And when I am sad, His Sprit refreshes me.

When I feel alone, His presence comforts me,

And when I am afraid, His peace surrounds me.

When I feel insecure, His word affirms me,

And in my greatest and not-so-great moments, 
He continues to love me.

Oh, what a Gift, what Grace, what Joy
to know Christ. 

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