Thursday, September 5, 2013

Don't Judge An Appliance by Its Cover

The Lemon

When our old-fashioned, conventional refrigerator needed replacing several years ago, I knew exactly which fridge I wanted.  The french door look had come out and I fell in love with it.  One day when I arrived home, lo and behold, the beautiful refrigerator was sitting right in my kitchen.  My husband received points for that one.

As lovely as it was, unfortunately it was a lemon.

It broke down on us more times than we'd like to remember.  We frequently would wake up to warm orange juice and milk.  Unplugging and replugging was an all too common ritual.  Other times, it would freeze everything.  We finally had to get rid of it.  The fridge was turning out to be more costly than we had planned.  Letting it go was very difficult because it was a beauty.  You could never tell from the outside that this appliance was defective on the inside.

Just like appliance companies, we take careful measures to help beautify our outer shells.  However, who we really are is not based on what is seen from the outside, but what is real and true about ourselves on the inside. If we resist the Holy Spirit's nudge to mold us into Christ's image from the inside out, then we are just like that refrigerator.  We look great on the outside, but our interior mechanisms don't allow us to fulfill His purpose for us.

May we always allow the Spirit of the Lord to help us become like Him.  Exterior beauty changes as age kicks in.  Thankfully, the beauty of the Lord never fades, never changes, and radiates from within us forever and eternally.

"Your vibrant beauty has gotten inside us. You've gotten inside us...
All we have we owe to you."
Psalm 89: 5-18  The Message Bible

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