Friday, October 9, 2015

#9 Five Minute Friday

We're on day #9 of Five Minute Friday.

I missed 4 words:


My daughter was visiting and we dropped everything to spend every minute we could with her. So, for today's FMF I will try to make it up in one post.

A Prayer for Us

May we CAPTURE the joy and the abundant peace You have prepared for us. Even when the ride gets rough, we know that You're just a prayer away.  May we CAPTURE Your wisdom and Your understanding so that love and strength and a sound mind may be our normal. May your Word be a lamp onto our feet and light up our path to clear up all confusion and remove all worry.  May we EMBRACE Your plan, however difficult because we believe with You all things are POSSIBLE.  And, may our HOMES be filled with Your love Your presence and Your Spirit.  We don't want to do life without You.

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