Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#7 Love

Well, I already missed the target.  I was out of town and did not have opportunity to keep up with the 31 Days of Five Minute Friday.  I guess, it doesn't hurt to just jump right in and try to keep up.



7.  His Light shines through my darkness so that I
             ~may see beyond my broken self to see His plan and purpose
             ~may see beyond my own limitations, my mistakes to see Him
             ~may see myself in light of Him, not my past
             ~may see the truth about myself, not to condemn me, but to free me

6.  He arms me with strenth and makes my way perfect
             ~when I am weak He is strong
             ~when I can't, He can
             ~when I fall, He picks me up
             ~when I mess up, He forgives

5.  He heals my broken parts and makes them new

4.  He answers my prayers
              ~Sometimes the way I expected
              ~Sometimes not
              ~Always in my best interest

3.  He is always present, available, and attentive to me
              ~He doesn't put me on hold
              ~No appointments necessary
              ~No lines, no waiting
              ~He is as close as the mention of His name

2.  He comforts me
              ~since I was a child, I remember the many times I've been alone, angry, scared, or worried
              ~when I've called on Him,
                His Spirit has never failed to lighten my confusion and anxiety
                with truth and wisdom and peace and rest

1.  His promise and guarantee that He loves me and my family
unconditionally and eternally
              ~there's nothing I can do that will make him love me more or less
              ~he loves me perfectly and incomparably

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