Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Colombian Excursion (Part II)

At the end of Part I we were in Cartagena enjoying the views at "Las Murallas" and the beautiful coastline of the Caribbean Sea.  In this post we travel to "Santa Marta".

"Santa Marta" (Martha, the Saint) is located an hour and a half north of Barranquilla.  Interestingly, the trayectory to this city requires the driver to go south and then north.  

The drive seemed a little longer than our drive to Cartagena due to the traffic.  It was a holiday weekend and many travelers from all around the country visit the coastline to enjoy their 3-day weekend.  

The drive itself was part of the experience.  We passed through many small, coastal towns.  When I think of water-front, I think of costly homes and beautiful landscapes, but this was different.  The people live in extremely, difficult conditions.  Heartbreaking.

The moment we got out of the car we felt the heat.  
In my opinion, Santa Martha is hotter than Barranquilla.  

Unlike Barranquilla, Santa Marta has lovely mountains and valleys.  Unfortunately, our time was limited; we were not able to stop to take pictures.  Our main reason for traveling there was to go see Simon Bolivar's Museum/Monument located at, 
"La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino".

Simon Bolivar is thought of as the "George Washington of Latin America".
He fought for independence from Spanish dominance.
Bolivar is Venezuelan by birth.  However, in his later life, he became ill.
His doctor suggested he should go to warmer climates.  

His life dream was to visit Paris.  His hero was Napoleon Bonaparte.
Due to his illness, he was unable to take the 6 month journey on ship to Paris.  
A friend suggested Santa Marta.  This is how he ended up in Colombia.

Bolivar's House

Right outside the front door is a small chapel.

The last proclamation made by Simon Bolivar.  
The tour guide recited it from memory without stumbling.  



The foliage and landscape is breathtaking.

And, what about the iguanas?

La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrina is an iguana sanctuary.
They roam freely on the property.  Scary, but impressive!

Gorgeous trees.

Santa Martha Bay

Lesson Learned:

God's world is vast and beautiful.  Each country has it's own identity,
culture, and beauty.  What an awesome privilege to be able to
partake together even if for a short time.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in my Colombian experience.

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