Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Time and A Season

Today I'm grieving the loss of a man who was everyone's dad, everyone's friend, everyone's mentor. He was that type of person., called to everyone.  

I don't remember a time when I didn't know Dr. Adolfo Carrion.
My own dad was a pastor ever since I could remember, and he was friends with Dr. Carrion most of his life.  Dr. Carrion was the Superintendent of the Spanish Eastern District of the Assemblies of God fellowship.    His kids, Adolfo Carrion Jr., Elizabeth Carrion Stevens, Damaris Carrion Harris and Lizzette Carrion are members of our family.  We were raised together. We have lovely memories of our childhood and experiences as P.K.'s (Pastor's Kids).  And, his wife Elisa Carrion, is as sweet and kind as he was.  Beautiful family.  

When you're young it's hard to even imagine the impact one family can have on you and others alike..  Sometimes we take for granted the precious gift bestowed on us to know each other and "do life together", as they say.  

My heart is saddened today as if one of my own family members has passed.  However, a smile comes to my face when I remember his.  Dr. Carrion had the most beautiful and healing smile.
When you spoke to him your burdens became light and your heart was at peace.  He truly was an ambassador for Christ.

So it is with a heavy and grateful heart that I bid you farewell, Pastor Carrion.  Until we meet again in our Father's house, rest in peace.  

With all our love and appreciation,

The Murphy~Reyes Family

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