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One Word for 2014 ~ Position

Position ~ A Multiple Meaning Word

1) Condition in reference to place; location; situation
2) A place occupied, or to be occupied
3) The proper, appropriate or usual place
4) Situation or condition; especially related to a favorable or unfavorable circumstance
5) Status or Standing


 Recently, I was watching an animated movie with my daughter.  The plot of the movie included a mediocre, sub-standard army in battle with a stronger, more fierce one.  The lesser army was moving through a snowy, mountainous range trying to advance.  Two under-dog characters shot bullets by mistake.  Very quickly the commanding general angrily stated, "You just gave away our position."  No sooner he said that, the enemy troops surrounded them; an army bigger and greater than they could have imagined.
Their demise was imminent, short of a miracle.  

Similarly, we face new and old battles almost every day.  At times, we seem to be advancing, when something or someone provokes us to lose our composure, our peace, even our wits.  Instantly, our reaction reveals our position.  We like to think we are pretty strong and can withstand much.  However, our default responses to sudden provocations show more of our weaknesses than our strengths.  These situations not only bring to light our brokenness, they also pin point where our broken places are.  The enemy of our souls is alert, watching, waiting for us to shoot and reveal our "position",
so that he can tempt us to fall again in those very same areas.

When I find myself in a sudden provocation, a default reaction embedded in my personality takes over.  This default response doesn't always work in my favor.  Many times I've regretted what I've said or how I've said something.  Unfortunately, I can never take it back.  Yes, I've been hurt,
but then I retaliate, leaving me just as guilty.

So what can we do when we have already compromised our position?

This is what I'm continuously learning.

First, I need to acknowledge I have a huge part to play in establishing a strong position in the Lord.  This means I must be willing to do things His way instead of defaulting to my own.  My victory is dependent on this resolve.  It must be founded before the storm hits.

Also, seeking His plan, purposes and promises for my life on a day to day, sometimes minute by minute, basis is vital. If I don't know the tools He's availed to me, I won't be able to use them.  Some of us know the tools, but we've never actually taken them out of the tool box.  Or, maybe we've used them, but we don't particularly like them.  God's tools require much personal surrender and authentic humility.  Ouch!

Next, I must be quick on my feet.  A sudden provocation is just that, a suprise disappointment, accusation, or even attack.  These come without warnings.  If I've decided beforehand to allow Him to fight my battles and His word is hidden in my heart, it is much easier for me to still myself, even for a moment.  Suddenly, a verse, a direction, a plan quickens my spirit. His peace comes flooding in, then I understand more clearly what is really happening.  What I may perceive as a personal offense may actually be an opportunity to demonstrate the love, kindness, and/or healing of the Lord.
Which leads me to the fourth lesson...

Everything that happens to me is not always about me.  Sure, I'm involved, but God did not allow it so that I can become angry or defensive.  He's allowed it for two reasons, to strengthen our relationsip and to demonstrate Himself to me and to others involved.

 When it is all over, if I've responded in a way that honors Him, there will be less regrets and more gratitude for His intervention. Praises well up inside me for He enabled my victory.  One more lesson about "victories", I don't always get the last word, God does.

As I become more familiar and accustomed to His leadership, I will be less prone to give away my personal default position.  Rather, I will now be able to show myself, and others, my new position.  I'm standing on His Word by surrendering my will to His, accepting His plan, purpose and promises, and living it out on a daily basis.  And, if I fall, may I refrain from retreating back to self-defeating methods.  I know where my victory comes from.  So I'll run to Him; forgiving myself, others, moving forward in His name,
for His glory and honor.

As we all take personal inventories of our past year and look forward to improving some areas in the new one, my prayer is that the Lord will enable us to remember these lessons as new challenges are waiting in the horizon.

(The Voice)

"For though we walk in the world, we do not fight according to this world's rules or warfare.  The weapons of the war we're fighting are not of this world but are powered by God and effective at tearing down strongholds erected against His truth. We are demolishing argmuments and ideas, every high and mighty philosophy that pits itself against the knowledge of the One true God. We are taking prisoners of every thought, every emotion, and subduing them into obedience to the Anointed One."


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