Saturday, October 26, 2013


Every year on my birthday I buy a new personal journal.  I've been journaling since I was a teenager.  And, when I was in college, my journals were practically my best friends.  I have a little library of personal journals I've kept throughout the years.

Here are a few types of journals I've kept.

* Letting Off Steam Journal:  In some journals I've written down my frustrations and anxieties at significant moments.  Doing this has helped release the steam and to see difficult situations more clear and level headed. When I feel a little down and out, I try to find something to create either through journaling, crocheting, or some other imaginative outlet.  It awakens my spirit and distracts me from worrying about things that I should just leave to the Lord to take care of anyway.  Sometimes, when I'm upset or angry, my journal is there, ready to listen and take it.  It never turns me away or cuts me off. 

* Prayer Journal:  Recently, I've started something new.  Each time a friend or co-worker sends me a thank you note, birthday card, or even an invitation, I create a journal page just for them.  I also have pages for my pastors and church leaders. Each week we receive a bulletin of sorts with church news, events and message notes.  I keep the message notes in my journal so that I can remember what they taught me and to pray for my pastors and leaders.  Each time I look through my journal I either write a short prayer or say one in my heart for them.  This year I hope to create a page for each of my family members so that I can do the same for them.  

*Learning Journal:  In this journal I keep great "take-away" ideas and lessons I want to remember from books I've read, public speakers, or even learning videos.  I've learned many lessons through journaling.  Sometimes I don't know what to write, but my pen takes over.  And, I'm amazed at what I learn about myself and what the Lord wants to me to remember. 

* Encouragement Journal:  In this journal I write uplifting messages, quotes and/or bible verses to help me stay focused on healthy mindsets and perspectives.  Some quotes I find through the books I read and others I create myself.  

* Art Journal:  Another recent variation to my journals is adding artistic doodles.  Through Pinterest I've been able to learn more designs than I used to know and it makes my journals more interesting to write and to read.  Journaling this way takes time, effort and creativity, sometimes money, but it is so worth it for me.  I have found that creativity is great medicine for the blues.  

 Another beautiful reward of journaling has been seeing my daughter follow in her mom's footsteps.  Each year on her birthday she also receives a new journal.  And, the tradition continues.

Last summer I learned through You Tube how to create a beautiful journal out of a regular black and white composition book and craft paper.  This year, instead of buying a store bought journal I made my own.  I also made some to give away as Christmas and birthday gifts.
They are always a hit!

Here are a few I created.

Here is the You Tube Video that taught me how to re-create regular composition books into lovely journals.

 A future idea is to perhaps begin a summer journaling small group with some friends.  We can fellowship with coffee, chocolate, prayer, great conversations, and creative journaling.
We'll see, maybe next summer...

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